Chef Ivica Katić 14. September 2022

Chef Ivica Katić, Croatia

Restaurant of the Ambassador Hotel

His favourite childhood activity was cooking with his family and playing in the kitchen, so he chose his life path quite early. As a young man he chased knowledge around the world, striving to learn, gain experience and improve his skills. Exploring different cuisines, experiencing different cultures, tastes and techniques, that  was a great joy for him.

He started his cooking career in the Bota Šare restaurant in Ston, and then continued it in various restaurants in Germany. At the age of 27, he became the Executive Chef of the 5* Atrium hotel in Split. He was Executive Sous Chef at Le Meridien Lav in Split, then Executive Chef at Svpetrvs Hotels as well  at the ZOI restaurant in Split. After more than 17 years of culinary experience, chef Katic took over the kitchen of the Ambasador Hotel, a top 5* city hotel on Split’s West Coast.

Respect for ingredients and nature drives him every day in his search for excellence. The food he prepares is a reflection of his character and experience. His favourite is the local cuisine  with a focus on fresh Mediterranean ingredients, but with the touch of  his recognisable signature on the plate.