Göran Amnegård 20. September 2022

Chef Göran Amnegård, Sweden

Blaxsta Restaurant and Winery, Flen – White Guide, Top 25 restaurants in Sweden

Göran Amnegård, one of the leading Swedish chefs, worked in Canada as a sales representative for years, started a company for growing berries and mushrooms, and was also the chef of the Canadian national culinary team.

When he came back to Sweden from Toronto, he planted the northernmost vineyard in the world, and named it Blaxta. He produced Merlot, Chardonnay and Vidal, wines with character and no additives. His ice harvest Vidal Icewine 2003 won prestigious awards, and Göran and his wife Ulrika soon opened a small restaurant next to the vineyard. The famous White Guide listed it among 25 best restaurants in Sweden. Aftrer 22 years of running Blaxta and four gold medals at the International World Wine  Challenge, the Amnegårds decided to rent their restaurant and enjoy traveling and exchange of experience.

With world-famous chefs Damian Nigra and Massimo Bottura, chef Göran plans to cook at an event dedicated to truffles, and before that he will demonstrate his skills at the Taste the Mediterranean Festival.