06. February 2017

Chef Filippo Saporito

Chef Filippo Saporito, from the famous gastronomic region of Tuscany, is crowned with one Michelin star and is the main chef at the restaurant La Leggenda dei Frati near Florence.
He developed his skills of subtle invention whilst working in, and contributing to, some of Italy’s finest kitchens, including the famed Albergaccio di Castellina in Chianti (Michelin *), Arnolfo and Colle Val d’Elsa (Michelin **) and Luis x-Alan Ducasse nel Principato di Monaco (*** Michelin).

After years of experience in famous restaurants, with his brother Nicola and his wife, Ombretta Giovannini takes over the restaurant La Leggenda dei Frati, which soon becomes famous for the culinary creations of brothers Filippo and Nicola and for the patisserie delicacies by Mrs. Giovannini. Since 2006, chef is a member of Jeune Restaurater d’Europe- Italy, and few years later, the restaurant receives its first Michelin star.

Chef Saporito’s menu is based on fresh, local ingredients from trusted manufacturers, and the main attraction is the pasta saved by the secret recipe, and various desserts.
Family Saporito in known for its participation in various television-cooking shows on regional and national programs such as TV show La Prova del Cuoco on RAI TV.