17. November 2016

Chef Fernando Perez Arellano

Chef Fernando Perez Arellano developed most of his experience working in different countries. Having trained in some of Europe’s best restaurants such as “Patrick Guilbaud “(Dublin),” Le Gavroche “(London),” Don Alfonso 1890 “(Naples), “Maison Pic” (Valence) and “Can Fabes “(Barcelona) he gained the experience required to take on his own restaurant. In September, 2005 he opened Zaranda, as tiny modest restaurant in Madrid. Soon recognitions arrived: “Best new restaurant in Madrid 2005” for Spanish newspaper “EL MUNDO”; same award was given by the American ” Food and Wine Magazine”. After 11 months being opened, Zaranda received its first star in the Michelin Guide and later, was also awarded two rosettes in Repsol Guide .
Chef Arellano was named “Cook of the Year” by television channel “Canal Cocina” 2008, “Premio al Grande del Mańana” (“best young chef”) 2008” and “Premio a la Innovación Conceptual o Técnica 2009” (cooking skills award). Five years later, Zaranda and all his team faced a new challenge moving their project to Mallorca. Today Zaranda is one of the 5 Mallorcan restaurants holding Michelin stars. Lately it has been named second best hotel restaurant in Spain for the national newspaper “El Pais” and has led Its host hotel to be considered among as one of the top 10 gourmet hotels of Spain.