FABRICIO VEŽNAVER 06. September 2020

Chef Fabricio Vežnaver

The Gault & Millau Croatia Chef of the year 2021, Fabricio Vežnaver, has once again confirmed that his culinary career is on the rise. The owner and chef of the restaurant Pergola, located in the small Istrian village of Zambratija, has devoted his whole life to the love of cooking and he prepares every new dish with equal passion and enthusiasm. His restaurant has won 4 Gault & Millau toques, which boasts a small number of restaurants worldwide. Pergola was a traditional Istrian family tavern run for years by his parents. When Fabricio took over, he turned the tavern into a “food design” restaurant. Today it is an exclusive gastronomic destination where chef Fabricio works with his wife Ljiljana. They are open only 3 days a week, they offer an exclusively tasting menu, and receive a small number of guests – only 10/12 – so that they can completely dedicate themselves to each of them. The chef, who was awarded Great Chef of tomorrow by the Gault & Millau Croatia guide in 2019, also provided his restaurant with a Michelin plate. His kitchen delights with its creativity, the refined sense of food selection and  combination of the ingredients, and the preparation technique. He had no cooking mentor and learned everything he knows today on his own. He is not addicted to trends, but to the daily inspiration that comes with the food he has at his disposal, and it is local, seasonal and even simple food of the highest quality, which he turns into culinary delicacies.