23. August 2021

Chef Claude Krajner

Claude Krajner is one of the 50 best “chocolatiers” in France. He received that national recognition in 2015, just like the title of Maitre Artisan Chocolatier. In the same year he became a member of the prestigious Academie Nationale de Cuisine and a Disciple d’Escoffier. Add to that the fact that since 2010 he has been vice-president of Chocolatiers et Biscuitiers de France, the French masters in making chocolate and dry cookies. A passionate lover of chocolate from an early age, Krajner has an impressive  professional experience gained in the best restaurants in Paris, but also in the Canary Islands where he was the Pastry chef at the restaurant Les Moulins de Paris, in Lanzarote. He then devoted himself to education and consulting and is a permanent lecturer at Villa des Chefs, a well known culinary “school” in Aix en Provence, which hosts famous chefs and confectioners who hold short courses and masterclasses for the students. Claude Krajner is also the creator of personalized corporate chocolate products for large companies such as Kartell, Swarovsky and Palais des Thes. French of Croatian descent, Claude Krajner is fluent in Croatian.