Guests and speakers 2016

Mira Šemić

Mira Šemić

Renowned sommelier Mira Šemić began to intensively study wines thirty years ago and has, in the course of her decades-long career, visited all the leading wine regions of the world. She opened a prestigious restaurant Monroe in the centre of Ljubljana, which represented a turning point in the development of catering industry in Slovenia. The → Read more

Kunty Moureau

Kunty Moureau

Belgian food Mood Belgian Food Mood is a new brand label created by Kunty Moureau (Art & Design Curator) in 2016, which promotes food designers or design’s project defending the preservation of human-nature ties, searching for no further waste, struggling to be sustainable, and keeping our traditions alive. Belgium are for centuries a land of → Read more

Jelena Petrov

Jelena Petrov holds MA in economics from the University of Split. Since 2009, she has been employed in the RERA S.D – Country Development Agency of the Split Dalmatia County, on the preparation and implementation of the projects financed by the European Union. Since 2015, she has been participating in the work of „Croatian cluster → Read more

Anna Cellamare

Artist and creator whose artistic expression is firmly based upon the exploration of the subject matter and materials, using both traditional and edible construction materials. She investigates social dynamics through artistic processes, education and the tactile experience with organic matter, emphasizing harmony and the in depth examination of the relationship between the evolution of food and → Read more

Marina Tuđina Badurina

Marina Tudjina Badurina

Was born in Zagreb 1952. In 1972 she graduated from the School of Applied Arts and Design in Zagreb at the Department of Ceramics. In 1976 she graduated from the Bath Academy of Art in UK. Since 1977, she has been a member of the Croatian Association of Artists of the Applied Arts and Croatian → Read more

Ivana Orešić

Ivana Orešić is a Croatian journalist, head of culinary workshops, food and travel columnist and a screenwriter.  She was born in Zagreb 1978. Fifteen years ago, she discovered the charms of Dalmatia. In 2012, she published her first cookbook in Croatian under the title «Putopisna kuharica globalne proždrljivice» (A Culinary Travelogue by a Global Greedy-Guts). → Read more

Stanko Ferić

Stanko Ferić, journalist and publicist, editor of the magazine “Volim Šibenik,”, researcher of the gastronomic heritage of Šibenik and the Šibenik’s region. About the food, wine and gastronomy he has been writing for more than 30 years. He wrote columns in the dailies Večernji and Jutarnji list. In the journal “Šibenik tim”, he has launched → Read more

Željko Petrović

Željko Petrović, born in Šibenik, and although he graduated from mechanical engineering, after a serious illness in 1990 and retirement he started efforts for self-healing through education on healthy lifestyles, personal well-being and healthy nutrition. He is a director of the International George Mateljan’s Centre for Excellence for Research and Promotion of the Healthy Mediterranean → Read more

Miki Bratanić

Miki Bratanić is the Croatian writer from Vrbanj on the island of Hvar. He writes on local dialect from Vrbanj, and urban dialect from Split, along with standard Croatian language. He publishes articles related to heritage and tradition, especially on the phenomenon of the konoba, about which he wrote the book “Konoba” and the “Story → Read more

Marina Orsag

On 26/05/2016 the ambassador of the WWF project FISH FORWARD, our well-known stand-up comedian Marina Orsag from Zagreb studio Laughter will perform on Pidočijada! Laughter is the best medicine, and we are sure that Marina will make you laugh to tears! Come and join us! The director of the only stand-up comedy club in Croatia “Studio Smijeha”, in eleven → Read more