WEDNESDAY 25/05/2016

CITY LIBRARY Juraj Šižgorić

19:00 Opening of the exhibition VAL (Wave), pottery by ceramist Marina Tudjina Badurina
Opening of the exhibition “Belgian Food Mood”, by curator Kunty Moureau, with the team
project “Ecco Freddo”. With the support of “MAD in Situ”, designer’s workshop for social innovation of Mad Brussels.
Designers: Pierre Emmanuel Van Deputte, Hugo Fabri, Joe Weissen
Food designers: Anna Cellamare, Maria Ghetti



THURSDAY 26/05/2016


10:00-11:00 Little Mediterranean Chefs – culinary workshop for kids led by Ivana Orešić, journalist and author
of a travel cookbook
11:30-12:30 Cooking show 1+1 Chef Vjeko Bašić, Konoba Boba, Murter
Chef Ante Božikov, Konoba Opat, Kornat
18:00-19:00 Cooking show 2+2 Chef Lionel Levy, restaurant Intercontinental Hotel Dieu, Marseille, France
Chef Emmanuel Perrodin, France
Chef Issam Rhachi, Hotel Mandarin Oriental, Marrakech, Marocco
Chef Yassin Khalal, Hotel Royal Mansour, Marrakech, Marocco

20:00-24:00 Official opening of the Festival
The night of the mussels “Pidočijada” – opening of the festival by celebrating Šibenik’s 950th birthday
with good food, good wine and good fun! Mussels are traditionally grown and authentic food of the area.
Famous chefs will prepare 200 kg of mussels at the Pavla Šubića Square in the centre of Šibenik. Visitors
will be able to buy portions of mussels for a symbolic price of 10 HRK. All the proceeds from the sale
are intended for the education of the most talented students of the “School for tourism and catering”. The
entire music programme will last until 24:00.

WWF (World Wildlife Fund) is the partner of this year’s festival Taste the Mediterranean and of the
“Pidočijada”. WWF will present the project Fish Forward – sustainable food for the environment,
a project to increase consumer awareness of the global ecological and social consequences of fish
consumption. The program on the Square will be lead by Marina Orsag, from stand up comedy club in Zagreb “Studio Smijeha”, also an ambasador of the Fish Forward project. Vivaracha band will entertain the audience.


FRIDAY 27/05/2016


10:00-11:30 Mediterranean Square, Dalmatian grandmas culinary workshop led by Ivana
Orešić, journalist and author of the travel cook-book that will present her book of recipes
“My Dalmatia – Tastes, Savours and Colours”
12:00- 13:00 Eco-Mediterranean Diet and Health – lecturer Željko Petrović, Director of the George
Mateljan Centre in Split

13:00-14:00 “Organic Agriculture-Business Opportunity for Young People”, lecuture held by Jelena Petrov, consultant for the preparation and implementation of projects financed from EU funds.
16:15- 17:30 Cooking show Jeremy Girvan “Low energy food”
17:45.-18:45 Cooking show 1 + 1 Chef Vesna Miletić, restoran Tač, Zagreb, Hrvatska
Chef Marco Stabile, restoran Ora di Aria, Firenze, Italija
19:00-20:00 Šibenik’s Culinary Heritage – 100 years ago in Šibenik “Nothing was tasty, if it was not
greasy”- recipes collected by Stanko Ferić and the association “I love Šibenik”
20:30 „Mediterranean in a glass“ – preparing cocktails, Association of bartenders Beli
20:30-23:00 Music programme


CITY LIBRARY Juraj Šižgorić

During the Taste the Mediterranean festival two exhibitions will be set up in the city
library: VAL – the exhibition of pottery vessels by artist Marina Tudjina Badurina, Croatia
BELGIAN FOOD MOOD – the design exhibition by curator Kunty Moureau, Belgium.

With the support of “MAD in Situ”, designer’s workshop for social innovation of Mad Brussels.

11:00-12:30 Ecco Freddo workshop, as part of the Belgian design exhibition “Belgian food mood” by
Kunty Moureau; the Italian designer Anna Cellamare will hold the workshop and present the
Ecco Freddo project for food preserving and processing (including degustation)

17:00-18:30 Ecco Freddo workshop, for those who cannot attend the workshop in the morning,
in the afternoon there will be another Ecco Freddo workshop, as part of the Belgian design
exhibition “Belgian Food Mood“ – the participants will prepare and taste food with the designers


SATURDAY 28/05/2016


11:00- 12:00 Cooking show 1 + 1 Chef Olivier Grouard, head chef of the French Embassy in Ankara,
12:30-13:30 Cooking show 1 + 1 Chef Fabricio Vežnaver, Pergola, Zambratija/Savudrija, Croatia
Chef Ippei Uemura, Tabi No Yume, Marseille, Japan/France
18:30-20:30 A unique team cooking show: teams of Šibenik’s public figures will compete in cooking,
with the help of famous chefs as team leaders. The entertaining cooking show will be lead by Doris Pinčić, famous Croatian radio and TV presenter, and actress. 
21:00-24:00 Music programme


NACIONALNI PARK KRKA, Skradinski buk kod mlinica

12:00-13:00 Ekskluzivni Cooking show 1 + 1
Chef Lionel Levy, 1 Michelinova zvjezdica, Francuska i chef Vesna Miletić, Hrvatska, održat će
ekskluzivnu kulinarsku demonstraciju na Skradinskom buku, za posjetitelje NP Krka


SUNDAY 29/05/2016


10:30-12:30 Miki Bratanić will tell us the story of “konoba”, Dalmatian wine, food and songs,
the Croatian cultural heritage and the Mediterranean way of living. For the “marenda” we will
have “Sardinas prepared in 5 ways” and much more
14:00 Happy End


Kunty Moureau

Kunty Moureau

Belgian food Mood Belgian Food Mood is a new brand label created by Kunty Moureau (Art & Design Curator) in 2016, which promotes food designers or design’s project defending the preservation of human-nature ties, searching for no further waste, struggling to be sustainable, and keeping our traditions alive. Belgium are for centuries a land of → Read more

Anna Cellamare

Artist and creator whose artistic expression is firmly based upon the exploration of the subject matter and materials, using both traditional and edible construction materials. She investigates social dynamics through artistic processes, education and the tactile experience with organic matter, emphasizing harmony and the in depth examination of the relationship between the evolution of food and → Read more

Marina Tuđina Badurina

Marina Tudjina Badurina

Was born in Zagreb 1952. In 1972 she graduated from the School of Applied Arts and Design in Zagreb at the Department of Ceramics. In 1976 she graduated from the Bath Academy of Art in UK. Since 1977, she has been a member of the Croatian Association of Artists of the Applied Arts and Croatian → Read more