Chefs and speakers of the special edition Taste the Mediterranean/HTI, Rovinj 2017

Laura Di Renzo

Laura Di Renzo, holds three Master degrees; in Pharmacy, in Human Nutrition Science, in Food Science, and an international PhD in Molecular and Cellular Biology, is Assistant Professor and senior researcher at the Department of Biomedical and Prevention, Section of Clinical Nutrition and Nutrigenomics, Faculty of Medicine, University of Rome Tor Vergata, Italy. She is → Read more

Vittorio Castellani

Vittorio Castellani is a culinary journalist who focuses on activities and initiatives based on intercultural topics and ethnic heritage and practices with respect to the culinary. Vittorio has published widely, led radio shows and initiated associations and projects, such as the cultural association, The Couscous Clan. His inter-cultural culinary interests has, for instance, brought him → Read more

Francois Comeliau

Le carré de Pepperron®, a wink and a smile at the Belgian city of Liège. An original seasoning mist that releases an audacious burst of peppery energy—a savor reminiscent of the centuries-old city of Liège with its indomitable strength, passion for freedom and infectious joie de vivre. A condiment atomizer inspired by three emblems of → Read more

Gaëtan Richard

The Smart Gastronomy Lab (SGL) is a living lab dedicated to gastronomy. This means that the SGL is a user-centered and open innovation ecosystem, where the citizen is implied in all the steps of innovation, namely co-creation, prototyping and testing. The aim is to develop new recipes, new products, news tools/equipment/objects, and new applications in → Read more