Chefs and guests 2021

Marko Đurašević

Chef Marko Đurašević

Chef of the restaurant Kinoteka in Split, the Montenegrin Marko Đurašević graduated as an Assistant in Chemical technology, but choosed a professional culinary career that he developed mostly in Spain, after a short experience in Miami, Florida. He was the Chef de cuisine of the Gastronomique restaurant Black, in Barcelona. His duty was to supervise → Read more

Coline Faulquier

Chef Coline Faulquier

At just 32, Coline Faulquier earned her first Michelin star for her restaurant Signature in Marseille. After graduating from the prestigious Ferrandi High School in Paris, majoring in French cuisine, the talented young chef became famous a few years ago as the finalist on the TV show TOP Chef. That was the beginning of her → Read more

Chef Antony Germani

Chef Antony Germani

Chef Antony Germani started working very young in restaurant kitchens. He got his first serious job as a commis de cuisine at the luxurious Villa Gallici, in Aix-en-Provence, and continued at Sofitel Palm Beach, Marseille. In search of new challenges, at the age of twenty, he decided to go to Paris where he was given → Read more

Chef Michael Gollenz

Chef Michael Gollenz

The Austrian born chef Michael Gollenz is the driving force behind the fine dining restaurant Alfred Keller at the Alhambra Boutique Hotel, in Mali Lošinj. He has just confirmed it by getting his first Michelin star. The talented young chef has already gathered an impressive experience: he has worked with award-winning chefs Christian Scharrer and → Read more

Chef Clément Higgins

Chef Clément Higgins

After a master’s degree in Business Law and several experiences in pastry shops (Saint-Victor pastry shop in Marseille, La Boulangerie in Sydney) and restaurants (Les Gamins in Marseille), in April 2014 Clément Higgins creates “Bricoleur de douceurs” (Handyman of sweets), his own pastry laboratory for catering, together with his partner Aurélie (who has been working → Read more

Cheffe Maria Jimenez

Cheffe Maria Jimenez Latorre

Cheffe Maria Jimenez Latorre is a true ambassador of Spanish gastronomy and she will show it in Split where she will prepare an exclusive dinner on the occasion of the Spanish day. For years she has been leading the most important gastronomic events in the Cooking school Alambique Esquela de Cocina, in Madrid, where she → Read more

Chef Claude Krajner

Claude Krajner is one of the 50 best “chocolatiers” in France. He received that national recognition in 2015, just like the title of Maitre Artisan Chocolatier. In the same year he became a member of the prestigious Academie Nationale de Cuisine and a Disciple d’Escoffier. Add to that the fact that since 2010 he has → Read more

Lionel Levy

Chef Lionel Lévy

French chef Lionel Lévy, a longtime partner and collaborator of the Taste the Mediterranean Festival and Gault & Millau Croatia, has recently become the president of Gourméditerranée, a leading association of the best chefs from Provence and the south of France. Chef Lionel, who has participated in almost all TTM festivals and visited Croatia on → Read more

Tea Mamut

Pastry chef Tea Mamut

Tea Mamut is the first Croatian pastry chef holding a degree from the Culinary Institute of America in New York City. Since a very young age, she has always dreamt of this career. She knew exactly what she wanted: a top education that would enable her to master the modern pastry techniques. By opening her → Read more

chef Mario Mandarić

Chef Mario Mandarić

At the age of 20, he opened a restaurant on a beach in Thailand, where the jungle entered the sea. There was no road, no electricity, no water. But Mario Mandarić did not give up: he worked once a week, as a “pop up” restaurant and gained some popularity. After Thailand, he returned to Europe → Read more