Chefs and guests 2019

Top chefs and guests from the world of gastronomy, tourism and culture will participate at the festival Taste the Mediterranean 2019.

Levy Lionel

Chef Lionel Levy, France

Alcyone Restaurant, InterContinental Hotel Marseille 3 toques G&M (16.5/20), Michelin * The chef of the well-known Alcyone restaurant in the InterContinental Hotel in Marseille is one of the most ardent advocates of the Mediterranean cuisine. He learned from internationally recognized chefs such as Eric Fréchon and Alain Ducasse, and in 2005 his work was rewarded → Read more

Chef Ippei Uemura

Chef Ippei Uemura, Japan / France

Tabi Restaurant, Marseille – 3 G&M toques (15/20), Michelin recommended A world traveller, lover of music, fishing and above all cooking, Ippei Uemura was born in the Japanese town of Shiga. Ever since he was a child, his dream has been combining cooking and travelling. For seven years he learned about the secrets of traditional → Read more

Vesna Miletić

Chef Vesna Miletić

Winner of the Gault&Millau Croatia Traditional cuisine chef of the year 2019 trophy, Vesna Miletić, is the chef of the Tač Restaurant in Zagreb, crowned with 3 Gault&Millau toques. She graduated from University of Zagreb, Faculty of Political Science and worked in the tourism sector for 15 years. But her love of food and cooking → Read more


Chef Fabricio Vežnaver

The Gault & Millau Croatia Chef of the year 2021, Fabricio Vežnaver, has once again confirmed that his culinary career is on the rise. The owner and chef of the restaurant Pergola, located in the small Istrian village of Zambratija, has devoted his whole life to the love of cooking and he prepares every new → Read more

Hrvoje Zirojević

Chef Hrvoje Zirojević

Hrvoje Zirojević, the Gault&Millau Croatia Chef of the Year 2019 was born in Split. His mother and grandmother “infected” him with cooking from an early age. Today, he is one of the most respected Croatian chefs. To the great delight of his followers from the beginning of this year he has become the chef of → Read more

Bee Santongun

Chef Bee Satongun

Chef Bee Satongun and chef Jason Bailey are not just spouses, but professional partners too. After 16 years of cooking exclusively Thai food professionally, they opened their first outlet of Paste Bangkok Thai restaurant in 2013. Their rigorous attention to detail, technical expertise and flair for presentation allows them to create refined Thai food with → Read more

Chef Sokol Prenga

Chef Sokol Prenga

Chef, master pastry chef, baker and chocolatier, great promotor of the Albanian cuisine around Europe. Chef Prenga has 27 years of experience working in different top restaurants in Albania and abroad. He is the member of many international chef’s organizations and Ambassador of „The Best Chef” for Albania since 2017, “SKMER-ACMER” for Albania 2016-2020, Ambassador → Read more

Chef Igor Jagodic

Chef Igor Jagodic

Chef Igor Jagodic has been at the helm of Strelec restaurant in Ljubljana since 2012. His masterful plates and polished dishes have shot the restaurant mentioned between the culinary stars. His dishes represent the crossroads of Alps, the Adriatic Sea and the Panonia Plain, connecting modern technologies and trying to reinvent traditional food in a → Read more

Vicente Patiño

Chef Vicente Patiño

Vicente Patiño was born in 1977 in Xativa, Valencia. The career of this cooker began in the family restaurant. When he was eighteen years old, he did his first steps in Michelin Restaurant, “La Seu in Moraira” – Alicante, “Café de Paris” in Málaga, “Casa Marcial” in Asturias. He worked in the restaurant of the → Read more

Sandra and Dane Tahirović

Chefs Sandra and Dane Tahirović

Spouses Sandra and Dane Tahirović are partners both in private life and in business. They are the owners and chefs of the restaurant Zora bila in Split, crowned with 3 Gault&Millau toques. The beginnings were not easy, but their effort has been paid off, because today Zora bila is one of the most respected restaurants → Read more