Chefs and guests 2018

Top chefs and guests from the world of gastronomy, tourism and culture will participate at the festival Taste the Mediterranean 2018.

Pastry chef Tea Mamut

Tea Mamut is the first Croatian pastry chef holding a degree from the Culinary Institute of America in New York City. Since a very young age, she has always dreamt of this career. She knew exactly what she wanted: a top education that would enable her to master the modern pastry techniques. By opening her → Read more

Marie-Hélène Gaildraud

Marie-Hélène Gaildraud works tirelessly on raising awareness about the extent of food waste. Through the association Treize événements she organizes events to educate the public about how food remains can be use instead of being thrown away. The aim of the association is that people become aware of this global problem and to teach them → Read more

Sonia Mlayah Hamzaoui

Nutritionist and doctor of Sociology of food and nutrition. She graduated in sociology and received a PhD in Sociology of food at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Tunis. She is currently working as head of research at the National Heritage Institute Tunisia and as curator of the Museum of Popular Arts and Traditions → Read more

Sonja Karoglan Todorović

Mrs. Sonja Karoglan Todorović is an experienced international consultant with project references on rural development, nature/environmental protection, sustainable agriculture and food policy. She is an agronomist and landscape architect and has provided services to the European Commission, World Bank, UN agencies (FAO and UNDP), as well as a number of European governments. She has been → Read more

Marija Roglić

Marija Roglić, National coordinator of the Horizon 2020 project, “Agriculture of high natural value: learning, science and innovation”, the Director of the newly created International Institute for Island Development, “MIRO” and the Director of the Local Action Group LAG 5. She works on sustainable development in island communities by using different tools of the European → Read more

Jelena Petrov

Jelena Petrov holds MA in economics from the University of Split. Since 2009, she has been employed in the RERA S.D – Country Development Agency of the Split Dalmatia County, on the preparation and implementation of the projects financed by the European Union. Since 2015, she has been participating in the work of „Croatian cluster → Read more