Chefs 2016

Levy Lionel

Chef Lionel Levy, France

Alcyone Restaurant, InterContinental Hotel Marseille 3 toques G&M (16.5/20), Michelin * The chef of the well-known Alcyone restaurant in the InterContinental Hotel in Marseille is one of the most ardent advocates of the Mediterranean cuisine. He learned from internationally recognized chefs such as Eric Fréchon and Alain Ducasse, and in 2005 his work was rewarded → Read more

Chef Ippei Uemura

Chef Ippei Uemura, Japan / France

Tabi Restaurant, Marseille – 3 G&M toques (15/20), Michelin recommended A world traveller, lover of music, fishing and above all cooking, Ippei Uemura was born in the Japanese town of Shiga. Ever since he was a child, his dream has been combining cooking and travelling. For seven years he learned about the secrets of traditional → Read more

Chef Vesna Miletić

My name is Vesna Miletić. I was born in 02.05.1958., and i graduated from University of Zagreb, Faculty of Political Science. However, my love of food and cooking changed my life path – I spent 15 years working in restaurant hospitality bussines. I’m the Chef in the restaurant Tač in Zagreb, which i run with my husband and → Read more

Chef Olivier Grouard

Chef Olivier Grouard

Due to his exceptional culinary talent, Chef Olivier Grouard became the true ambassador of the French cuisine. In the past 20 years he has presented the gastronomy of his country in the French embassies around the world, in Italy, the Vatican, Switzerland, Austria..Since 2012 he is the Chef of the French Embassy in Ankara. To → Read more

Chef Jeremy Girvan

The Belgium Food Mood presents chef Jeremy Girvan. Chef Jeremy Girvan is the founder of GJCOOK: fine dining at home and culinary school. Jeremy’s kitchen is purified and refined, flavors harmoniously developed, and as major influences he states his life, meetings, travel and his environment architecture. His cuisine is a story ful of rich flavors. “My creations → Read more

Chef Ante Božikov

Ante Božikov is the head chef of the Konoba Opat at the island of Kornat. He gained his culinary knowledge by working in Zagreb, Rijeka and Opatija. As a chef he worked in the Tic Tac restaurant at the island of Murter and in 2000/2001. he has returned in the Opat restaurant. Together with his → Read more

Chef Marco Stabile

Marco Stabile is a young chef from Pontedera, Tuscany, who has quickly risen to prominence in Italy. He developed his skills of subtle invention whilst working in, and contributing to, some of Italy’s finest kitchens, including the famed “Baghino” in Prato, “Il Salotto del Chianti”, the Antinori-owned “Osteria di Passignano”, the Beringer Blass-managed “Cavaliere del Castello di Gabbiano”, “Il Paese → Read more

Chef Issam Rhachi

Another famous chef coming to the Taste the Mediterranean festival! Proud to announce Chef Issam Rhachi from Marrakesh, Marocco. Chef Rhachi is the executive chef of the Mandarin Oriental Marrakesh, and is one of the 10 best chefs in Morocco involved in BOCUSE D’OR MAROC. Chef jury in MARRAKECHEFS 2014 in Šibenik will hold cooking → Read more

Chef Yassine Khalal

Sous chef at the Royal Mansour Marrakech Hotel (five*), Yassine Khalal is a real ambassador of the Moroccan cuisine worldwide. At the World Hospitality Championship 2014, in Dubai, he won the first prize together with the Moroccan team. In 2011, he brought the Moroccan cuisine by Royal Mansour in Brazil. Chef Khalal got his education → Read more

Chef Emmanuel Perrodin

Cook, scholar and historian, Emmanuel Perrodin is also the president of the International Conservatory of Mediterranean Cuisines, which try to highlight the unity and diversity of the mediterranean cuisines. For him cooking is the best path to achieve the «mediterranean dream». Co-founder of «Oeuvres culinaires originales», he aims to show the special relationship between cuisine → Read more