Capra Domestica 01. October 2020

Capra Domestica- partner of Taste the Mediterranean festival

The farm and mini dairy Capra Domestica is located in Perković, Sitno Donje. It currently has 650 dairy goats, with plans and capacities for further expansion. Their mission stemmed from the belief in the exceptional health benefits of homemade goat milk.

Capra Domestica mini dairy produces yogurt, kefir, milk, cheese, cottage cheese and whey.

Their goats graze in the hills of Dalmatian Zagora that they are surrounded by, and since in Capra Domestica they respect the natural cycles of animals, without aggressive stimulation of lactation – their product is mild in taste and smell. They also don’t add additives, dyes, flavor enhancers, hormones, illicit antibiotics or preservatives to the products, and all is achieved by natural fermentation.

When making products, they use only raw materials obtained from their own herd, which ensures the quality and authenticity of the product. They are currently being monitored for obtaining an ECO certificate.