Alvaro De Anna 04. October 2021

Alvaro De Anna, Italy

Alvaro De Anna is a communicator, a publisher and an event planner.

After gaining experience in some major international PR agencies in Milan, in 1980 he returned to his native Treviso where he founded Pilotagreen, his communication agency.

In 2003, he founded the publishing house Bacco Arianna Editore, specialized in international editions on Food&Wine tourism in the Alpe Adria region (the Italian TriVeneto, Austria, Slovenia and Croatia). He is the publisher of Papageno magazine in Italian and German. For years he has been collaborating with numerous media dealing with tourism, food&wine and lifestyle.

Author and publisher of gastronomic and oenological guides, he is the organizer of the event “Vini da terre estreme” and at the beginning of 2022 he will launch a guide on the so-called heroic wines of Europe, which includes Croatian wines.