The first gathering of Med Women Chefs will be held as part of Taste the Mediterranean Festival (7-11./10.2020) in Split, where we will present our future activities.

These are the main goals of our platform:

  • build a women chefs’network
  • support gender equality in the field of gastronomy
  • connect locally, regionally and internationally
  • exchange information and share experiences
  • educate both young and professional women chefs
  • provide scholarships and internships in Croatia and abroad
  • strengthen the role of women chefs through media promotion
  • support individual projects

The Med Women Chefs platform grew out of the festival Taste the Mediterranean which celebrates the Mediterranean Diet protected by Unesco as an intangible cultural heritage. In this context Unesco stresses the special role of women in transmitting knowledge and preserving skills. By encouraging women’s engagement in gastronomy, we also encourage the preservation of the Mediterranean Diet and the biodiversity and promote sustainable development.