About Us

The Mediterranean Women Chefs (Med Women Chefs) is an international platform that aims to improve the role of women in gastronomy. Around the world, and especially In Mediterranean countries, cooking is still considered a typical “women’s job”, and often even a duty. Most women cook every day. At home. Very few women cook in restaurants, hotels and other catering establishments. And when they do – they are almost invisible. In gastronomy, success and fame belong to men. Paradoxically, the majority of them learned how to cook from women! Almost every great chef praises his mother’s or grandmother’s cooking. But the figures confirm that, on average, the ratio of women running restaurant kitchens is 1 to 15 in favour of men. And as in most professions, women are paid much less.

The Mediterranean Women Chefs wishes to change that. We are a platform where each of you will be able to share your experiences and your thoughts with other women who cook professionally. We provide a space for networking and working together to fight for equali-ty, we strive to give professional women chefs the same visibility as their male counter-part. We encourage women to improve their professional knowledge, develop their culinary talent and their leadership skills in order to achieve professional and personal success based on merit.

That is why we invite you to contact us and join Med Women Chefs. Together we are stronger! For all those who join by the end of 2020, the membership fee is free.
Please apply by filling out the attached form.