Check out the programme of The fourth international Festival Taste the Mediterranean 2017 which will be held in Šibenik, 01-04/06/2017. Welcome! :)

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Exclusive dinners prepared by the chefs crowned with Michelin stars will be held as a part of the festival Taste the Mediterranean 2017.

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Top chefs and guests from the world of gastronomy, tourism and culture will participate at the festival Taste the Mediterranean 2017.

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08. March 2017

Taste the Mediterranean connecting people!

On the International Women’s Day, the French chef Lionel Levy, associate and friend of the Taste the Mediterranean festival, at the Intercontinental Hotel Dieu in Marseille, hosted the first lady of the hotel Esplanade kitchen, Mrs. Ana Grgic. In November 2016, chef Levy was welcomed by chef Ana Grgic in the Esplanade hotel in Zagreb → Read more

03. March 2017

Taste the Mediterranean Michelin Chefs VIP dinner in Rovinj – Croatia

Eva Larue, the CSI Miami star, recently appointed as Luxury Travel Ambassador, attended the exclusive „Taste the Mediterranean Michelin chefs dinner“, within the HTI conference in Rovinj, Croatia, 28.2/2.3/2017 Michelin starred chefs Fernando Perez Arellano, restaurant Zaranda, Castel Son Claret, Mallorca, Spain, Lionel Levy, restaurant Alcyone, Hotel Dieu-Intercontinetal, Marseille, France, Filippo Saporito, restaurant La leggenda → Read more

Programme 2017

  • Gourmet sailing trips
  • International Chefs meeting
  • Master class for professionals
  • Culinary seminars and cooking presentations
  • Workshops and lectures
  • Mediterranean square
  • Wine workshops
  • Events and exclusive dinners
  • Entertainment programme